Brian Scott

Anyone who downloads more than one at a time is likely to get blocked, especially if it interferes with my own work.

Sea World, Orlando

Birth of a Dolphin  (1.6MB)
Pseudorca Crassidens Show  (14MB)
Fun with the dolphins  (49MB)
Trainer for a Day  (56MB)
Shamu Show  (85MB)
Shamu Night Show  (44MB)
Dolphin Nursery  (28MB)

Sea World, San Diego

Corky and Friends  (3.9MB)
Shamu Show  (36MB)
Jumping through the ceiling  (3MB)
Summar, Keet, and Corky  (3.8MB)
Takara, Summar, and Keto  (4.8MB)

Computer Generated

Dolphins (2002) (3.5MB)
Dolphins (2003) (11.9MB)
Commersons Dolphin (2005) (8.7MB)