This program is designed for people running dual (or more) monitors. It takes an image, and creates a background that can span your monitors. (Of course it helps to have a high-megapixel image to start with) With 8, 10, or 12 megapixel cameras now on the market, you can now enjoy your photos in all their glory. This program will correctly handle the various combinations that monitors can be stacked or spread.

Download Backgrounder
Executable JAR file. Requires Java 1.5 or later.
© 2008, free for non-commercial use.

Optionally, there's an button to add the BG to your Login screen, if you don't use the "Friendly XP" welcome screen.

To Manually use one of these backgrounds in the "Desktop Properties" dialog, select the "Tile" option for your wallpaper.

You can do the same manually with Corel/Photoshop/Whatever, but it gets complicated if your Primary monitor is anywhere other than top/left. This program automatically determines how your monitors are laid out, and creates the image accordingly.

Release Notes:

9-7-2008: added drag & drop. You can now drag an image into the program to open it.